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Larson's Workers' Compensation Law School Casebook

The Larson Treatises

All five Larson treatises are published by Matthew Bender and Company, now part of Lexis Publishing. All of them are available in CD-ROM form. Visit Matthew Bender's home page for general information, and Mathew Bender's bookstore subpage for detailed information, including tables of contents of the books, and for ordering the sets or CD's.

Workers' Compensation Law

Originally a two-volume work published in the early 1950's, Workers' Compensation Law has grown to twelve volumes and has become the leading work in the field. In addition to its well-known analysis it contains comprehensive coverage of decisional and statutory law. The author has undertaken a major reorganization of this treatise, which is expected to be completed in late Spring 2000. The purpose of the reorganization is not to change the content but rather to make the treatise more reader-friendly in hard copy and more functional in electronic format.


Workers' Compensation Desk Edition

This three-volume abridgement of the eleven-volume set was originally published in the early 1970's. It can function either as a compact on-the desk version of the larger treatise (to avoid steps to the library), or it can be used as a more affordable alternative to the larger set.

Employment Discrimination

Originally appearing in the mid-Seventies as a four-volume work, this treatise was the object of an exhaustive overhaul, in the form of a ten-volume second edition, which was completed in 1999.

Unjust Dismissal

This three-volume work contains a thorough treatment of (1)judicial erosion of the employment-at-will doctrine, and (2)statutory limitations on an employer's right to terminate an employee (of which there are a great many). For ease of use both topical and state-by-state treatments are provided. Also included are:

Employment Screening

This is a two-volume legal treatise covering five distinct topics:

Again, use is facilitated by state-by-state treatment in addition to topical discussion. Also included is an employer guide and technical materials on drug testing by Theodore F. Shults, President of Shults and Associates, Durham, North Carolina.

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